Release Notes 1.0


The Feed Three software team is proud to announce the commercial release of Smart Queues for Jira Service Desk Cloud.

Like many of you, we spend much of our working day poring over queues, and if we're honest, we don't find native queues terribly efficient. Without altering the JQL, there's no easy way to shrink or filter items out of a queue. Sorting against multiple columns isn't natively possible, nor is there an ability to select and filter on a specific date range. Naturally, this results in many, many queues across your organization.  

When our team was asked to come up with the first product to launch under our exciting new Feed Three brand, we thought, "Let's build smarter into JSD queuing." We think it's pretty smart, but know there is room for improvement, so drop us a note and let us know what you'd like to see in a future release.

We want to thank you, our awesome customers, for helping support this app and the Feed Three mission. 

Ross Barbieri - Principal Product Manager
Feed Three Atlassian Apps (an Appfire Company)

Release Highlights

Save time and manage queues more efficiently

Give agents the tools they need to quickly and easily organize, prioritize, and respond to their most critical issues for faster resolution times — no need for admins to configure dozens of custom queues anymore!

Find key issues within your queues using filters

Filter by one or more data points across multiple columns or search for a specific keyword or phrase to instantly locate specific issues in your queue as soon as you start typing or select a value. 

Customize your queues with advanced sorting

Sort data by one or more columns and combine with custom filters for even more control over your queues. Smart Queues remembers your filter and sort selections so you can navigate back to your view with one click.

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